The combination of aromatic, gourmet smoked Paprika, Charcoal seasoning, and ground White Pepper give your cooked veggies that satisfying smoky flavor, even without grilling. Works well on cooked chicken and burgers too. Or try it on avocado toast!


  • 1 Jar Gourmet Charcoal Seasoning - Net Weight 3 oz.

    Ingredients : salt, garlic granulated, onion granulated, U.S.P. Charcoal smoke flavor.

    1 Jar Gourmet Ground White Pepper - Net Weight 2 oz.

    1 Jar Gourmet Smoked Paprika - Net Weight 2.38 oz.

    Mr. Spiceman gourmet herbs and spices are sealed in glass jars for freshness.

    No fillers, no anti-caking agents, and no msg.